Strawberry cheesecake mousse

strawberry cheesecake mousse

I am happy to eat strawberries all summer long – preferably with cream, and even sometimes with a decadent portion of clotted cream. They also find their way into many of my homemade summer smoothies, quite often accompanied by their longtime friend the banana! But sometimes you gotta shake things up a bit, and I…

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Low-carb colcannon


I usually think of colcannon – a traditional Irish dish that combines potatoes, cabbage, cream and butter – as rich, creamy, comforting fare that’s a perfect side accompaniment for winter dinners. However, my attempts to make a low carb version of the dish yielded a surprisingly light and fluffy creation that seems a perfect side…

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Cool summer gazpacho

I realise there are a lot of people turned off by the idea of cold soup. And if you mentioned it to me in winter, I would probably baulk at the idea too! But there's something about gazpacho, ...

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Cherry clafoutis (low-carb)

Clafoutis. It’s a lovely word isn’t it? Clafoutis – just had to say it twice. It’s a French dessert – kind of a mix between a flan and a baked pancake, and traditionally made with cherries, although ...

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Cappuccino breakfast cake

What’s not to like about cake for breakfast? This one has a smooth coffee flavour, healthy ingredients and a sweet cream cheese topping. If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, then ...

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Tabbouleh with a twist

So this is the thing with tabbouleh – it’s one of those recipes that you can freestyle with, depending upon what’s available in your fridge or store cupboard. Unless, of course, you’re a purist who ...

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Pink pomegranate dressing

Pink pomegranate dressing

If there was a beauty contest for fruits, pomegranates would surely be a main contender. These delicious ruby red orbs are lovely both inside and out. Break them open, and you get hundreds of sweet ...

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Low-carb apple & cinnamon cakes

These are easy-peasy, delicately light low-carb cakes, that can be mixed up, put in and taken out of the oven within half an hour. I don’t bake cakes that often at the moment, so if I’ve made the ...

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Carrot & leek breakfast waffles

I’m still in love with my new waffle maker. I had feared that when I finally treated myself to one a few months, it might turn out to be one of those space-eating kitchen gadgets that quickly gets ...

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Oat & quinoa chocolate crisps

Did your mum ever make chocolate cornflake crisps when you were little? They were all the rage in the 70s. Chocolate melted in a pan with Kellogg's cornflakes stirred in, put into paper cases and left ...

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Nourishing lamb bone soup

Well spring is officially here in the UK, but you wouldn’t really know that given the weather at the moment. Looks like we’re in for a blustery Easter. The daffodils are out but it’s still pretty ...

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